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Our Mission & Team

Chris Wheeler and Mary Johnson, co-founders of 1Breath4All LLC have dedicated their healing practice to breath work, spiritual and energy healing. In addition, they have specialized in leading and coordinating transformative workshops, classes, and retreats since 2009. The focus of their work is to illuminate our spiritual nature through exploration of archetypes, breath, healing, and the human energy system.

As event coordinators, Chris and Mary will assist your group to organize an event or retreat. They offer services such as:

  • Public speaking,
  • Leading meditation and breath work
  • Content and development, logistics, registration, food service
  • Obtaining the best presenter for your group

Through energy healings, classes and transformative retreats, we are dedicated to restoring balance, harmony and health to their lives.

Chris-BioPhotoChris Wheeler CST has been a student, practitioner and teacher of many forms of body work, energy work, meditation and spiritual training for over 20 years. She is co-founder of 1Breath4All and has a private practice where she performs EnergyTouch® and CranioSacral therapies. As an ordained minister, Chris brings a deep spiritual element into her healings, classes and retreats. Her approach is to incorporate use of the breath, spiritual guidance, guided meditation and intention into her work. She enjoys the co-creative process with the client on their healing journey.

    • Chris graduated from Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education (NITE) in their massage program
    • Co-founded a holistic health center in 1998
    • Chris specialized in Upledger CranioSacral with a focus on SomatoEmotional Release (SER) and pediatrics and became part of the teaching assistant staff
    • Studied various forms of energy therapy and medical intuitive courses
    • Graduate of EnergyTouch™ Therapy in 2006 and was on staff as teacher assistant until 2013
    • Currently practices CS and ET
    • Graduate from CMED, a study of the Archetypes and Sacred Contracts taught by Carolyn Myss and now co-leads Archetypal classes and retreats
    • Graduated from a two-year International Spiritual School in New York

Spiritual Energy Sessions with Chris Wheeler

There are five interconnected aspects or dimensions to our total well-being, physical, mental (thoughts/beliefs), emotional, relationships and spiritual. When there is disharmony or dis-ease in one or more of these it can eventually affect the whole. Our life’s experiences can leave impressions that affect our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, our ability to handle stress and how we make choices. These impressions will also affect the overall vibration and vitality of our energy field, the lower the vibration is the more we are susceptible to disease and dis-harmony in our physical body.

In a Spiritual Energy Session Chris will address the disharmony in these five aspects thru the use of Breath, Energy Touch Therapy, CranioSacral, Archetypal Patterns, Cellular Memory Release and Spiritual Guidance. By releasing these impressions in our cellular memory we can begin to unveil our true essence enabling us to open to our highest potential in all aspects of our being.

Mary-BioPhotoMary Johnson is co-founder of 1Breath4All. She designs and facilitates classes and retreats with a spiritual imprint. She is a spiritual seeker who pursues education in spirituality, meditation, and bodywork, and is dedicated to bring that to our community. She is a graduate of the Energy Touch® School of Advanced Healing, which has become the foundation of her healing practice in energy healing therapies. Mary incorporates her skills in meditation, breath-work, intuition and energy healing in client sessions, retreats, classes and events. She possesses extensive knowledge, compassion and experience working with persons in addiction family cultures. She looks forward to providing a supportive environment for your healing on spiritual, emotional and physical levels.

  • Mary had been in the public service field since 1985 when she began her 25 year career as a firefighter. Her experiences with the community in its time of need has helped her develop an deep understanding and ability to assist in the healing of the stress placed upon persons in crisis such as PTSD.
  • Certified in Michigan Education Methodology
  • Through variety of career paths, Mary has hosted and coordinated all aspects of community and private events.
  • Mary’s desire to pursue a more intimate connection with all aspects of our human well-being gave rise to her career in energy modalities in 2006.
  • Graduated Energy Touch School of Advanced Healing in 2008
  • Assisted as instructor of Energy Touch School from 2010 through 2013
  • Graduated from a two-year International Spiritual School in New York