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Workshops & Classes

1Breath4All provides a variety of workshops, classes, retreats and other special events that focus on Spiritual enrichment and enhancing your sense of well being.

The following are examples of some of our more popular events that can be available by special request for groups in addition to our existing schedule.

Classes: An Archetypal Journey – Available in Workshops & Retreats

These workshops and retreats are designed to provide an in-depth study of the primary Archetypes based on the teachings of Caroline Myss. You will develop the ability to consciously respond to life situations that align with your spiritual path. These classes are grounded in the ancient system of Archetypal imprints that exist in the universe.

We offer two classes that explore the Universal Archetypes, and how to cast and read your personal archetypal charts.

Chronos: This class is designed to help you discover your “Sacred Contract” (Life’s Purpose). In this class, you will learn your primary archetypes and cast and read your birth chart. This allows you to gain insight into how personal and collective patterns impact your life and increase opportunities for reaching your highest potential.

Kairos: This class is meant to provide you with clear guidance for your current life situations. You will learn to cast and read working charts, both, Kairos and Cosmic. These two charts help you glean deeper understanding and guidance to situations and specific relationships in your life.

Breath and Grounding Technique Classes

Breathing in some form is essential to all living things. Breath is the basis of cell regeneration and our physical health. Practiced consciously and regularly, it provides; balance, the release of physical and emotional trauma, clarity of the mind and a pathway to the realization of spiritual ideals.

We have developed a series of three classes in Breath and Grounding Techniques that you will be able to implement into your daily lives. These classes can be taken as a series or stand alone. Each will explore the aspects of breath, breathing techniques and the importance of ‘grounding’.

Class 1: Grounding and Expansion – In this class we discuss the concept of  grounding and it’s importance. You will learn our simple, yet effective grounding technique that you can use anywhere – anytime.

Class 2: Physical Breath – Breath is what gives us life, the state of our health depends on how well we breath. In this class you will learn the physical Aspects of Breath and how to develop a personal practice that opens the door to healing.

Class 3: Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Breath -Breath is what connects us to all that exists in the physical and ethereal realms and unites us all. In this class you will use breath practices to release emotional trauma, bring clarity to the mind, and explore our own Spiritual identity.

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Residential Retreats: Wellness & Healers Journey by Design

Our residential workshops offer an opportunity for in-depth spiritual enrichment through guided sessions in a beautiful setting. Most run Friday evening through  Sunday, and include meals, lodging, sheets and towels. Some retreats include guest speakers and the addition of treatment practitioners. Others focus more deeply on guided meditation, grounding technique, breath work and movement. Topics of exploration vary by workshop type and are facilitated by experts in the disciplines discussed.

• Wellness Retreat Example:

The Wellness Retreat is an Exploration of the interconnection of emotions, thought, and the personal energy system on your physical health. In this retreat, our workshop leaders will help participants connect meditation, breath work, the personal energy system and nutrition practices in a way to support optimal physical and emotional wellness. Massage, Acupuncture, Zero Balance/Chiropractic and Life Coaching sessions will be available.

• Healers Retreat Example:

The Healer’s Journey retreat is designed for those in the healing arts who desire to deepen their spiritual connection for personal and professional growth. Our intention is to create a nurturing and safe atmosphere for you to embody the spiritual aspects of the Healer in a guided residential retreat on the shores of Lake Michigan. Work includes guided meditation, ground, healers prep, breath work, movement, silence and one-on-one time with retreat leaders. Topics of exploration include healer guidance, duty and surrender; understanding desire, will, intention and power; integration of these practices into your daily life.

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