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New!! 1 Day Event with Grandmothers of the Sacred We

July 26th, 2017 by Mary Johnson

The Grandmothers have offered to add a one-day event in response to the sold-out event at SkyView Retreat Center.

 “The Global Indigenous Grandmothers of the Sacred We”
When: Thursday, September 14
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Located at: 9079 Lakeshore Dr, West Olive, MI 49460
Hosted by: 1Breath4All and Sky View Retreat Center.
Tickets: $200

“A new way of being is emerging. We are stepping forward. With us come our ancestors, future generations, and Mother Earth. Now is the time to gather and act. We are wisdom keepers, Grandmothers, and Great-Grandmothers from various nations and traditions: Hopi, Maori, Ojibwe, Sufi, and Mayan. We are calling all the others who witness and feel this need. Come be with us, help us. We walk together toward balance, in kindness and conscience, one human family.”
Grandmothers Rose Pere, Moetu Taiha, Flordemayo, Eila Paul, Pershlie Ami, Mary Lyons, Devi Tide

Grandmother Rose Great Grandmother Dr. Rangimarie Turuki Rose Pere is the Maori Tohuna – spiritual leader and keeper of the ancient wisdom and ways of the Maori people. She lives on the North Island of New Zealand. She is an international educationalist on the subjects of education, health, conservation and social welfare. “The Grandmothers of the Sacred We” came together in 2014 as a result of her inspiration.



devi-tide-head-shotGrandmother Devi-Tide is convener of the Awakening the World Project linking indigenous tribes around the world to invite the revitalization of natural human wisdom. She has been Head of the Sufi Healing Order in North America since 1999, and is also the head of the Art of Healing Foundation. She travels throughout the world, being with Elders and Healers and Wisdom Keepers of the many Indigenous tribes. She lectures, conducts workshops and leads healing retreats in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India and Europe. She is from Washington and is Kefayat (head) of the Sufi Healing Order and the Art of Healing Foundation, convener of the Rainbow Journeys & Awakening of the World Project.


Mary LyonsGreat Grandmother Mary Lyons travels the globe with The Indigenous Grandmothers of the Sacred We, presenting on issues including foster care of indigenous children, supporting women in recovery from addiction, and combating fetal alcohol syndrome in Native American communities. Her previous speaking engagements include the Parliament of World Religions in Utah as a keynote speaker and the 2014 World Climate March in New York City. She is a winner of the Minnesota Congressional Angels in Adoption Award, nominated by Senator Norm Coleman, and currently serves as a counselor for the women’s sobriety group Women of Wellbriety International. Mary has been invited by the UN to travel globally speaking on various topics. She is from Minnesota and is an Ojibwe Elder, “Second Water Woman” (water-carrier to her people), member of the Women of Wellbriety Int’l Council, and founding member of the Nations of Wellbriety Int’l USA, and active observer at the United Nations.

Grandmother EilaGrandmother Reverend Eila Paul is a healer with a spiritual and physical connection to her people, the Maori of Aotearoa New Zealand and to our world culture. Eila works with the elderly and children, using sacred sound as a tool to heal and transform space within people and the environment. She has traveled through North America and Europe offering sacred seeds of knowledge and healing. Eila’s philosophy is that path of Love, Harmony and Beauty. Her singing and music transform life. She is from New Zealand and is a Maori Tainue Elder, member of Grandmothers Circle the Earth, Aotearoa, healer, story teller, songleader, and dreamweaver.

Grandmother MoteuGreat Grandmother Moteu Taiha is a spiritual healer of the Tuhoe Maori Tribe. She is a Naturopath, Reiki Master/Teacher, Registered Social Worker and Spiritual Counselor. Moteu is deeply connected with the earth and our ancestors. She is from New Zealand and is a Maori Tuhoe Elder, member of Grandmothers Circle the Earth, Aotearoa. She is currently running a spiritual healing center in Germany.

Grandmother FlordemayoGrandmother Flordemayo is a Curandera Espiritu, or a healer of divine spirit, of the Mayan People. One of the founding members of Grandmothers, a prestigious group of traditional female elders drawn from around the world, who represent a global alliance of prayer, education, and healing for our Mother Earth, all of her inhabitants, all the children, and for the next seven generations to come. She is from New Mexico and is a Mayan Curandera Espiritu (healer of divine spirit), founding member of the Institute for Natural and Traditional Knowledge, recipient of the Martin De La Cruz Award (awarded by Congress of Traditional Medicine), and is recognized as a priestess by the Maya.

Grandmother PercyGrandmother Pershlie Ami is Hopi, Tewa Walpi, Arizona Sand Clan. Pershlie is a speaker, facilitator, trainer, consultant and volunteer. She is a writer, an author and the creator of the Butterfly Prayers. She is an active member of The Urban Indian Coalition of Arizona and has volunteered in many capacities for the Phoenix Indian Center and the Urban Indian Ministry promoting health and wellness. She is a GONA (Gathering of Native Americans) Trainer, Parenting Teacher (Parenting in Two Worlds Curriculum) Curriculum Developer (I am Sacred Curriculum) and an advocate for the Suicide Prevention. She is from Arizona is an Elder of the Hopi-Tewa.

Their Mission:

To share the deep knowledge of the wisdom keepers gathered from ancient sources throughout the world. This teaching offers hope, tools for healing, empowerment and a reminder of our interconnected world.

‘We are all together, One family.’

Their Message:

Our message is one of healing the sense of separation, fear and division between nationalities, religions and races. This is a time that was prophesized by a great many ancient traditions, as was the healing and opening that is coming through the travel and teaching of the Elders of the Indigenous traditions.

For more information regarding the Grandmothers, visit their page: artofhealingfoundation.org

Purchase Tickets and Event Details.

-This event is open to men and women.

-Registration is a sliding scale of $200 Please give according to what you feel is best for your circumstances. A PayPal account isn’t necessary to register. Registration can also be done with a credit card.

-No refunds or exchanges after September 1, 2017

For Event questions, contact:
skyviewretreatcenter@gmail.com or 1breath4all@gmail.com

1Breath4All and Sky View Retreat Center are highly pleased at the opportunity of bringing this group of revered and respected Grandmothers to Western Michigan as they offer their wisdom and insights to us.